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    🏆Most Profitable Tipsters of the Week! (Sep 18th - Sep 24th)💰

    🏆Most Profitable Tipsters of the Week! (Sep 18th - Sep 24th)💰

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    🎊 To all of you:

    In the past seven days, the NO.1 among our "Most Profitable Tipsters" is Tipster @rozay who has notched up a best record over the past week in terms of the 💲 "7-day profit": +29.3%, while the Tipster @Chris4chioma and @Igodo oyounvie recorded the Highest 🎈 "7-day win rate" of 80%!

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    📝Statistical Rules:

    1. 7 Days Win Rate/7 Days Profit: Statistics base on data from last 7 days (If the number of posts in the last 7 days is less than 10, then the statistics will not be counted)

    2. Profit Rate=Total Profit of Each Game / capital *100%

    💡For Example:

    The Profit of each game: Based on the odds and hits to calculate, assuming that each game is invested 1, the recommended odds 1.91 (Hong Kong index is: 0.91), calculated as follows:

    The rate of return is displayed in 1 decimal place, a positive number such as: +22.2% means profit, a negative number such as: -2.2% means loss of money.

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